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SIDEVIEW - Social Business Credibility Network
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Credibility & the PERFECT MATCH

...are the vision, mission and the key

SIDEVIEW was launched as a mind game in 2017 with the goal to revolutionize the concept of business networks. Our solution is a blockchain-based Business Credibility Network with a focus on B2B, B2P and P2P. But what does that exactly mean?

This innovative and also disruptive kind of a network concept is a business- and employment-oriented network service with the aim to generate verified data of professionals as well as of companies. This database provides a lot of opportunity for meaningful and also monetarily usable use of this. The data owner will be able to participate in this monetarily usable benefit, while at the same time data seekers, such as potential employers, headhunters or other companies and interested parties benefit from enormous cost savings and achieve a data quality that currently does not exist.
The conceptually processed claim to data quality is so high that we no longer talk about data quality but about Credibility.

The revolutionary thing about our concept is the reasonable maintaining of credibility in a global network. Our solution includes both extrinsic and intrinsic incentives for generating verified data.

With our Blockchain-based solution we serve the requirements of the industries of Professional Network, Providing Employment Services as well as Personnel Placement.

For both Professionals and Human Resources, we create new opportunities, paths and synergy effects as well as automated, intelligent processes. In addition, our solution enables companies to prove their credibility.

``Technology is important. But the big challenge… is building trust.``

Tom Peters | US-American management consultant and economic author

Step by step to a paradigm shift in HR management

The rollout of the SIDEVIEW Social Business Credibility Network is organized in subprojects.
The end result of each project is a conceptually indispensable product.


With PROMETHEUS we have successfully completed an Ethereum-based prototype in January 2019. Our technological concept includes a GDPR layer.


NEMESIS is a recruitment problem solver that eliminates the need for traditional recruiters. The base is a bidirectional semantic search engine.


AURORA-9 is our Social Business Credibility Network platform. In addition to known business network properties, our platform also performs blockchain based verifications/falsifications and redistribution of funds.


IMOTA is a sub-network focused on business relationships and the verification of these.


We provide a highly innovative 360-degree testimonial concept with THEMIS. This allows testimonials for professionals.


Our portal is complemented by ZEQUIC, a data marketplace. This enables the monetization of the data in the sense of the data owner.

We are very thankful for the support provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
in the context of our project PROMETHEUS.

``The question is not whether we have enough qualified people. The question is whether they enjoy sufficient credibility.``

Berthold Leibinger | Former President of the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association

Project Progress PROMETHEUS

Definition of Processes and Workflows 100%
Blockchain Development 100%
Frontend Development 100%
Realisation GDPR Concept 100%


SIDEVIEW GmbH is recognized by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control as an INNOVATIVE AND ELIGIBLE COMPANY. If you are convinced by our concept, then take your chance with the state funding program INVEST:

Get a tax-free grant of up to € 100.000.- per investor. A refund of capital gains tax is also available. For more information contact us and/or visit INVEST.

The first Social Business Credibility Network: check out our appetizer!

Our Partners

suprabit Limited, Croatia

Blockchain Development


PR & Marketing Services

Founding Team

Excellence starts with our team. From the realization of a blockchain-based future-oriented concept to the creation of a respectful and motivated work culture - our team is the key to our success.

``The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.``

The Economist on May 06, 2017