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The SIDEVIEW corporate logo has two main logos: the SIDEVIEW logo light and the SIDEVIEW logo blue. Both logos are legally protected. They are subject to usage guidelines. Details are given below.

Press Inquiries

For press enquiries please send us an email to or use our contact form below. Thank you.

Click on the briefcase icon above to download our media pack, which contains banners, wallpapers and qr-code-banners. Do you need further material like flyer etc.? In this case please contact us at or use our contact form below. Thank you.

Usage Guidelines

The use of the SIDEVIEW logo, banners, media pack etc. is permitted for the following categories with the following purpose:

  1. Partner companies can use the SIDEVIEW logo to bring the partnership to the public.
  2. “SIDEVIEW identifier” uses by journalists, analysts, exchanges, & others:

Projects and publications may use the SIDEVIEW logo to identify SIDEVIEW and distinguish it from other technologies in situations where multiple different technologies are presented together and there is a need to distinguish one from the other. Examples might include:

  • press articles, social media posts, blogs, technical reports that discuss multiple projects, university project;
  • cryptocurrency exchanges and other entities whose activities involve commercial or non-commercial offerings of both SIDEVIEW-related and non-SIDEVIEW-related products and services.
  • If you would like to use our logos, banners, media pack etc. outside the given examples, please contact us at or use our contact form below. Thank you.

If you want to link our logo and / or banner, then use the following link:

Logo Community Style

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Logo Company Style

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